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Grab Indonesia partners with Ministry of Tourism


Grab, Southeast Asia’s leader in ride-hailing services has announced a partnership with Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Iconic Transportation Services to revive the there-wheeler transportation industry in various cities, with an aim to boost the tourist experience and attractions in the country, while also providing greater ride options to Indonesians.

Three-wheel taxis are called “bajay” in Indonesian and the Grab three-wheelers will have different names: In Jakarta they will be “GrabBajay” while in Medan they will be called “GrabBetor” and in Gorontalo they will be named “Grab Bentor.”

This new marketing program is part of an ongoing collaboration between Grab and the Ministry of Tourism to support the ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ campaign as well as provide a unique experience for the 20 million foreign tourists who will visit Indonesia in 2019.

By using GrabBajay, tourists can travel around Jakarta; visit shopping areas and the cultural centers of the capital. With GrabBetor and GrabBentor, travellers can enjoy unique areas within Medan and Gorontalo respectively.

In the announcement of the new partnership, Grab and the Ministry of Tourism said that they seek to improve the quality of local transportation with digital technology support for the ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ campaign, and also improve driver-partners’ welfare as well as the economic impact to the tourism destinations.

Arief Yahya, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism said, “Indonesia is a country known for its rich culture and natural beauty with ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ becoming a sustainable initiative from the Ministry of Tourism to promote these tourism destinations. We really appreciate Grab’s ongoing partnership to support ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ by improving the quality of local iconic transportation services that can give new and unique experiences to attract tourists. Hopefully, with the support of technology, we can bring more tourists to visit these wonderful destinations.”

According to government estimates, there are approximately 11,000 bajay (three-wheeler gas-fuelled vehicles) operating in Jakarta alone.

A Grab “bajay” on display in Jakarta

“Ridzki Kramadibrata, President of Grab Indonesia said that, “We are very pleased to continuously collaborate with the Ministry of Tourism to bring our technology to support Indonesian’s attractive and culturally rich destinations. By utilizing technology, we would like to improve the quality of this iconic local transportation service that can be enjoyed by local and foreign tourists alike easily and comfortably. Through this collaboration, we hope that we can boost tourism in Jakarta and other areas in Indonesia,”

This is not the first collaboration between Grab and Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism. In 2018 Grab also launched the #JelajahIndonesiaLebihDekat campaign with the Ministry of Tourism to provide a safe and comfortable travel experience for tourists who visits Indonesia.

An event launching the “Grab Smart Tourism Shelter” program in 2018

This time, Grab sees a great potential in Indonesia’s tourism by integrating the bajay and other unique local transportation vehicles with Grab’s technology. Through this GrabBajay feature, Grab would like to increase driver-partners and bajay owners’ income by improving productivity. In addition, by providing unique, fast, safe, comfortable and affordable transportation solutions for tourists, communities around tourism destinations can also get an economic boost from these visits.



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