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Coca Cola will open new plastic bottle recycling plant in the Philippines


Coca-Cola has announced that it will open its first recycling plant in Southeast Asia with its commitment to construct a recycling facility in the Philippines. The plant will be operated outside of Manila and will be constructed at a cost of $19.3 million USD.

The new plant will be owned and operated by Coca Cola Beverages Philippines Inc. (CCBPI). CCBPI is in discussions with potential partners, including an internationally known green technology company to help design and manage the plant.

According to an announcement about the new facility, Coca Cola said that the plant will utilize a “ Circular Economy Concept,” which will see the recycling facility involved in the collecting, sorting, cleaning and washing post-consumer PET plastic bottles and then manufacturing them into new bottles.

Gareth McGeown, President of CCBPI said that the company’s goal is to reduce reducing plastic waste in the Philippines by collecting and then recycling plastic bottles. McGeown said, “Coca-Cola has called the Philippines its home for 107 years and counting, and we want to do our part in ensuring sustainability within its shores”

Once completed, it is expected to improve PET collection and recycling rates in the Philippines and generate more jobs. In addition, it is seen to create more jobs in the waste materials value chain, which includes the picking and collection of bottles.


On a global basis, Coca-Cola has made a commitment to collect all of its used bottles and cans by 2030 and then to recycle them. The company’s commitment also includes making sure that its PET bottles contain an average of 50% recycled materials.

Coca-Cola, which was listed by environmental groups as one of the top sources of plastic waste both in the Philippines and worldwide. McGeown, President of CCBPI said that “We recognize that there is a packaging waste problem in the world today, and this investment is one of the ways we are stepping up to be part of the solution for the long haul.”




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