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FastGo Vietnam plans to start helicopter ride-sharing service


Vietnamese ride-hailing firm FastGo has announced that it plans to launch Vietnam’s first helicopter ride-sharing service in Hanoi this month and that the business will focus on tourism in the northern provinces of the country.

The new service will be named “FastSky”, and according to Nguyen Huu Tuat, CEO of FastGo, FastSky is planning for three different types of helicopter services.

• SkyTour will operate tours from Hanoi to northern tourist destinations such as the Red River and Ha Long Bay and will use 12 passenger helicopters. FastSky’s first flight is scheduled for April 25.

• SkySOS as an emergency helicopter service that will pick-up patients on designated Hanoi skyscrapers and will deliver them to hospitals

• SkyWedding services will provide helicopters for wedding photography

According to Nguyen, the vision for FastSky is that, "We want offer premium services for businesspeople, but also want to give everyone the ability and opportunity to have a chance to fly. FastSky will be a game-changer in the transport industry."

Nguyen said that here will be different prices for each service but that he expects to costs for SkyTours to be set at a minimum of $125 USD per person and that the company is looking to establish a 12-month installment payment plan for its services.

As with FastGo’s automobile and motorcycle ride-sharing services, the company will provide the technology solutions and a partner company will provide helicopters and pilots. Nguyen said that the partner has been licensed to fly in Vietnam, but he declined to name the company.


The news of FastGo’s helicopter service comes the day after an announcement that Ascent launched its helicopter ride-sharing platform in the Philippines and began selling flights on April 8th. Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff, a former aviation executive and Darren Tng, a technology entrepreneur, founded Ascent in 2018.

Ascent will be using Bell 429 helicopter, which are designed for seven passengers. Aviation experts point out the smaller Bell helicopters provide a more personalized service and are more cost efficient, therefore a “ride-sharing” service has a greater potential for success.



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