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36 Ways China is closing the “Innovation Gap” with the U.S.


The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation has just released a report that discusses China's ability to innovate and lists 36 areas where China is closing the innovation gap with the U.S., and in some areas is either leading the US or will soon do so.

Some of the indicators that the report discusses are:

Indicator # 1 Research & Development as a percentage of GDP
Indicator # 5 Venture Capital
Indicator # 9 Quality and Number of Research Universities
Indicator # 13 USPTO Patents Granted
Indicator # 19 Unicorns
Indicator # 23 Hi-tech manufacturing
Indicator # 30 Aerospace
Indicator # 33 Commercial Knowledge Intensive Services
Indicator # 34 Supercomputers

The report notes that China has put its focus being an innovator and "the master of its own technologies." It also discusses the fact that China will have a greater impact than Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia on taking market share away from American and European technology companies.

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