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South Korean music app Somesing enters partnership with ContentBox


South Korean social music network app SOMESING, announced on Feb. 15 that it has signed a strategic partnership MOU with ContentBox, the largest distributor of global audio content in Korea.

SOMESING, which is based on blockchain technology, aims to provide a free music service for users who love singing. It offers its users rewards through a blockchain system.

The architecture of the SOMESING reward system is based on the content created by users of the social music service, and provides rewards fairly to its users based on their contribution level and popularity of the content created.

ContentBox is a reverse-service that combines blockchain and CASTBOX, the world's most popular mobile audio platform with 95 million digital audio content items and 20 million users. The service provides In Audio search function, which allows users to enjoy a variety of songs in an approachable format.

Kim Heui-bae, CEO of SOMESING, expressed his high expectations for the collaboration, saying it would provide bigger opportunities and utility for users of SOMESING by exposing the songs and content they create to global users.

SOMESING is currently in the final stages of service development, and is scheduled to launch its beta service within the first quarter of 2019.



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