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Vietnam’s broadcasters ecstatic as TV ad prices at record high for AFF Cup final


As Vietnamese citizens rush to their television sets to watch the finals of the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki cup on December 15th with Vietnam in the finals, people working in the television and advertising / media industries will also be watching the game, but with big smiles on their faces no matter which team wins or loses because of the money being generated from television advertising.

According to VTV's Centre for Advertising and Television Services (VTAd), the finals will have record prices for 30-second TV ads. Brands who want to take advantage of the massive audience expected to be watching the games can expect to pay a whopping 950 million VND ($40,670 USD) for a 30-second TV ad, an all-time high. The previous record, also set this year, was the World Cup final, at 800 million VND ($34,250 USD).

The prices for the AFF cup are also significantly higher than the 450 million VND ($19,230 USD) per a 30-second TV spot for the Asiad 2018 semifinals when Vietnam faced South Korea.


Hoang Thuong Giap, CEO of media and advertising agency MAO Media said "The second leg of the final is expected to have a very large audience, so the price is a little bit higher. However, I believe the price is still attractive enough for big brands to still fight over the advertising spot."

VTV has also announced that ads carried by its channels VTV5 and VTV6 will cost less for shorter time slots. Shorter length ads are priced at: 10-second ads are 475 million VND ($20,340 USD); 15-second ads are 570 million VND ($24,400 USD); and 20-second ads are 712.5 million VND ($30,485 USD).

The right to broadcast the AFF Cup 2018 in Vietnam is jointly held by VTV; Next Media Solutions JSC (Next Media); and Green Communications Corporation (Green Communications). VTV currently owns the copyright package on terrestrial television, while Next Media and Green Communications have complete control over satellite, cable, IPTV, OTT, radio, Internet, social media, cellular networks and public displays.



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