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Google will provide digital training for 500,000 Vietnamese enterprises


Nguyen Van Binh head of the Vietnam Central Committee’s Economic Commission had a meeting with Kent Walker, Google’s Vice President for Global Affairs in Hanoi on Monday. The two discussed the Digital 4.0 Vietnam program and the future trends for digital economies and how Vietnam can move forward in the 4.0 business era.

The Vietnam Digital 4.0 program, started in June 2018, is run by Google in co-operation with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry - HCM Branch; the Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs Council; the Da Nang Business Incubator; the Ho Chi Minh City Association for Women Executives and Entrepreneurs; Supporting Centre for Youth’s Startup; and the Women’s Initiative for Startups and entrepreneurship.

After six months, the programme has trained 58,249 SMEs, individuals and small enterprises in Dan Nang, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The program includes lessons designed by experts on digital marketing, e-commerce, online presence and business management skills. The goal is to expand the Digital 4.0 program to other provinces in 2019 and 2020 with the goal of training 500,000 SME owners in Vietnam by the end of 2020.

Nguyen Van Binh of the Vietnam Central Committee’s Economic Commission said that Google’s Digital 4.0 program plays a significant role in helping Vietnamese businesses improve their competitiveness and develop business opportunities in the digital economy. He praised Google for coordinating with Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications in developing a process to handle violations of Vietnamese law on Google platforms.

Binh also affirmed that Viet Nam is trying to create conditions for businesses to invest in the Vietnamese market. This includes US businesses such as Google Group. He said that he hoped Google would continue to support the development of information technology in Vietnam, especially the start-up ecosystem and the training and the development of a technology skilled workforce.

Kent Walker from Google praised the economic achievements Vietnam has made in recent years. He expressed Google’s determination to expand business in Vietnam and said that digitization of the economy is one of the important trends in the world that can bring great value. He said that the Google Group is ready to assist Vietnam in facilitating this process and he looks forward to seeing the Digital 4.0 Vietnam program reach its goal of training 500,000 SME’s by the end of 2020.



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