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Seven-Eleven Japanese store gets 50% of power from Solar Energy

Seven-Eleven Japan has opened a new store in Sagamihara, in Kanagawa Prefecture that can meet half of its power demand using renewable energy sources.

The store, "Seven-Eleven Sagamihara Hashimotodai 1-Chome Store" is able to generate almost 50% of its daily power consumption through solar panels that have been installed on the stores carport, road and roof.

Seven-Eleven Japan received proposals to use a variety of technologies and facilities that were developed around the key themes of:  environmental footprint reduction; improvement of the work environment; and the creation of comfortable stores.  Technology and facility proposals came from companies inside and outside of Japan and ultimately, Seven-Eleven Japan decided to acquire and use 90 different technologies from more than 50 companies.

Seven-Eleven Japan is already using 15 technologies that have been implemented and verified at a different store, with verification tests in December 2017. The company has implemented 51 new technologies and made improvements to 24 others.  Currently, Seven-Eleven’s technology acquisitions have allowed stores to receive 46% of their energy from renewable energy sources without emitting and CO2. 

As well as in-store operations, the company is experimenting with new technology systems that have not been previously introduced to japan. One of these systems is "Wattway by Colas" a road surface-type of solar power generation system. This system was previously installed at the Chiyoda Niban-cho Store in 201.6m2 of area, which accounts for about half of the parking lot.  The system is expected to generate about 16,145 kWh of electricity annually, equivalent to 9.1% of the power consumption of the Sagamihara Hashimotodai Store, per year.
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