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Rong Viet Securities and VinaCapital Introduce Vietnam to Foreign Investors

Rong Viet Securities Corporation together with VinaCapital held a “Vietnam Investment Day” at the Island Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong in mid-May. Investors in Hong Kong had a chance to meet promising Vietnamese listed companies that are still under the radar. Over 60 investors and finance professionals from Hong Kong, China, and as far away as South Africa, attended the event.

Investors learned that though small and mid-caps may have underperformed the Vietnam Index recently, they are trading at much more compelling valuations than large-caps where PEx are now in the high teens.

Marc Djandji, Head of Institutional Sales at Rong Viet Securities said: “As Vietnam’s stock market has matured, it is now increasingly functioning as a place where companies can go to raise capital. In the past, most of the companies that were in the pipeline for new IPOs were ex-State Owned Enterprises that were in the process of privatizing. However, over the last 9 ~ 12 months we’ve seen an increase in the number of purely private-sector IPOs.”

Bernard Lapointe, Head of Research at Rong Viet Securities, discussed Vietnam in a global context and noted that Vietnam is a new attractive investment destination. Beside the large-cap companies, which have always been on investors’ watch lists; Mr. Lapointe suggested there are many other potential opportunities in the small and mid-cap space.

Nguyen Hoai Thu, Managing Director at VinaCapital, said: "We believe that stable macroeconomic conditions have created favorable conditions for sectors such as consumption, finance, construction and materials, infrastructure, public utilities and transportation. These are the sectors that VinaCapital has monitored closely in order to capture good investment opportunities. VinaCapital looks for opportunities not only in large-cap companies but also in small-cap companies or companies that have yet to IPO."

Investors also heard from David Jackson, Managing Director for Colliers International in Vietnam who shared his insights on Vietnam’s real estate sector and discussed opportunities.

As well as the speakers and their companies, five companies were introduced to investors at the event. These were: An Phat Plastic & Green Environment JSC, FPT Digital Retail JSC, Ho Chi Minh Infrastructure Investment JSC, Orient Commercial Bank and Vietnam Fortress Tools.

Following the presentations, investors had the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with top-level industry executives and speakers. These one-on-one meetings enabled investors to create a networking opportunity between investors and speakers. Besides questions on industry prospects of each company, investors also asked questions on the business environment in Vietnam, the macroeconomic movements and the stock market.


An Phat Group
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