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Indonesia Police Summon Facebook Executives


Indonesian National Police have said that they plan to summon all high-ranking officials from Facebook Indonesia in relation to news that data on more than 1.2 million Indonesian citizens has been leaked, a part of Facebook’s recent announcement that more than 87 million US citizens have had their data leaked along with an estimated 10 million international users.

The decision to interview top Facebook Indonesian executives by the National Police was made after discussions with officials from the Communication and Informatics Ministry.

General Setyo Wasisto, the Chief of the Indonesian National Police Headquarters, Public Information Division that the Police plan to summon the CEO Facebook Indonesia. The summons is based upon the suspicion that Facebook Indonesia management were involved in the data leak of the 1.2 million Indonesian users for specific purposes.

General Setyo explained that the National Police believe that Facebook Indonesia violated the Communication and Informatics Ministry’s regulations related to Personal Data Protection and that based on this suspicion, a team from the Directorate for Cyber Crime of the National Police Crime Investigation Division (Bareskrim) will investigate Facebook Indonesia.

General Setyo told Indonesian media that: "We have coordinated with the Communication and Informatics Ministry to immediately take action against data-stealing by Facebook. Next week, the Bareskrim will summon Facebook Indonesia to start the investigation,"

In late March and in earl April, Facebook released information on U.S. citizen data files that had been leaked as part of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. At the same time it announced that an estimated 10 million international user files had also been leaked, including an estimated 1.2 million Indonesian user files.

Telecommunication and Informatics Minister Rudiantara requested the police to investigate the case following Facebook’s announcement has also said that the Telecommunication and Informatics Ministry plans to conduct its own audit on Facebook Indonesia to determine both the actual number of user files leaked, as well as the information on each user that has been leaked and will also look at the data systems and protections the company is using.



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