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84% of Vietnamese Using Smart Phones

Nielsen Viet Nam has just released its annual Smartphone Insights Report 2017 and reveals that the number of Vietnamese using smartphones, among mobile phone users, accounts for 84% in 2017, an increase of 6% since last year.

In secondary cities, 93% of people own and use a mobile phone and 71% used smartphones. In rural areas, 89% of the population owns a mobile phone and 68% of them possessed a smartphone.

Doan Duy Khoa, director of Consumer Insights at Nielsen Viet Nam said ... “The rapid uptake of connected devices, especially smartphones and tablets, is inevitable in our country. This could correspond to the fact that smartphone brands are offering consumers abundant choices at affordable and reasonable prices. Another reason is that consumers are enjoying the rising standard of living and expressing their desire for connectivity anywhere and anytime.”

The Nielsen Viet Nam Smartphone Insights Report 2017 looks at market demographics, the brand performance of smartphones as well as usage and attitudes. The report highlights and major trends on smartphone movement and penetration, as well as product life cycle, buying factors, brand satisfaction and expectation of consumers towards a brand.

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