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New digital money transfer app introduced in Myanmar


People in Myanmar will now find it much quicker and comfortable to do a money transfer with the help of a digi­tal money transfer service used with mobile phones.

The remittance service, aptly dubbed M-Pitesan, was brought to the market by Ooredoo - an international telecommunications company headquartered in Doha, Qatar. It allows users to send and receive money immediately via their smartphones.

Users can convert cash into digital money at any of the M-Pitesan agents around the country. The electronic money is stored in their mobile phones and valued as the original cash amount. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes like paying bills, buying airline tickets and money transferring.

Ooredoo’s newly launched money transfer service is equipped with cutting edge technology which provides customers with good security features, easy access and 24/7 customer support. The integration between M-Pitesan and CB Bank also allows for the real-time movement between bank accounts and mobile wallets.

“Ooredoo supports financial inclusion for everyone and M-Pitesan aims to do just that, bring all people of Myanmar closer to a better future through this secure money transfer option”, said Vikram Sinha - CEO of Ooredoo Myan­mar. He expressed his confi­dence that the launch of M-Pitesan will elevate the financial services industry to the new heights as they bring the service capability to all custom­ers, banks and businesses alike.

M-Pitesan aims to bring exciting innova­tions to Myanmar, contributing to the development and empowerment of the nation and its economy. “A secure money transfer option of­fers millions the ability to make financial trans­actions”, Mr. Sinha added.

M-Pitesan will receive support from thou­sands of local agents providing assistance to customers with their monetary exchanges. Customers can activate M-Pitesan by downloading it from their app store then by dialing *999# to register. After more than 1,000 ac­tivated, Ooredoo will set up more authorized agents across the nation.



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