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METRO Builds Warehouse in Myanmar

Myanmar’s leading interna­tional wholesale and food specialists METRO Whole­sale has launched construction of its warehouse in the Thilawa Special Eco­nomic Zone. METRO Wholesale is currently the local sub­sidiary of METRO Cash & Carry.
The groundbreaking ceremony of the warehouse took place in traditional My­anmar fashion, with monks performing fortunate verses and giving blessings. The construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.
Ms. Tiparayat Kaewsringarm, Deputy CEO of METRO Whole­sale Myanmar said: “The event marks the beginning of establishing METRO Cash & Carry’s footprint in Myanmar to provide high-quality and safe products along with professional service so­lutions”. She added that METRO Cash & Carry will apply best practices in supply chain management from all over the world in its operations to bring customers exceptional food and sustainability. Ms. Tiparayat also believes that METRO Cash & Carry’s entry market will stimulate Myanmar’s tourism growth.




The warehouse, located on the 28,368 square meter plot, will contain state-of-the-art facilities for storage and warehousing as well as logis­tic systems and will be operated ac­cording to international standards. It will be equipped with refrigerated rooms, which provide cooling temperatures to maintain the freshness and excellent qual­ity of products. Other facilities include processing and cleaning laboratories for fresh goods and as well as stor­age space and offices.

The operation of the warehouse is expected to make a contribution to the development of Myanmar’s economy by generating approximately 300 jobs, with an additional 1,000 indirect jobs for the local people. It is also expected to strengthen the country’s agricultural sec­tor and open up a lot more export op­portunities through the company’s international sourcing channels.

METRO Cash & Carry’s joint-venture is seen as a platform to narrow the gap between international distribution infrastruc­ture and expertise with local producers. METRO Cash and Carry’s wholesale dis­tribution platform will help deliver both food and non-food products as well as customized ser­vices to customers namely hotels, restau­rants, catering firms, in­dependent retailers and offices.



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