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MMA Vietnam Forum

Last week I was invited by the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) Vietnam to attend their 2015 Forum that was organized by MMA Vietnam and MMA Singapore. I’d like to say at the beginning of this blog, “thank you” to Jessica Pham of MMA Vietnam for the invitation to attend the forum.

For those who don’t know MMA, the MMA is a global member organization with members coming from the advertising, digital, marketing, media and technology sectors with a focus on all things mobile. MMA Vietnam was formed in 2012 and has a diverse membership across the sectors described earlier.

This years MMA event consisted of both a “Forum” and “Smart Awards” and is similar in content focus as to other MMA events around the world. I enjoyed attending the forum since it gave me a chance to catch-up with information on the mobile industry and also see 15 ~ 20 colleagues and friends who have spoken at our M2 – Marketing and Media Events.

The event was held at the InterCon Hotel in D1, and quality of the event is what you would expect from both the MMA with its global experience and a 5-star hotel, a very classy annual event for MMA Vietnam members and their guests.

Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director of MMA Asia-Pacific gave a very interesting and informative talk that provided case studies of how mobile advertising campaigns across Asia, the USA and Europe have driven greater audience and customer engagement and increased ROI on campaigns.

Presentations that were of special interest:

  • Joshua Maa of Madhouse in Shanghai’s who presented comparisons of the China and Vietnam mobile markets and where he sees opportunities
  • Nitin Mathur, Senior Marketing Director, Yahoo Asia-Pacific gave an impressive presentation on mobile app usage, how usage differs across different Asian markets and the phenomenal growth of mobile app usage which nearly doubled last year at 98% growth.
  • Kristian Barnes, the CEO of Verizum Asia-Pacific spoke on the changes that mobile has brought upon our daily lives, challenges that mobile brings and what the future looks like in a mobile world and the future will embrace personalized content and advertising delivered anytime, anywhere, exactly as the user demands.
  • Vikas Gulati, Managing Director Asia for Opera Mediaworks gave a very informative presentation on mobile advertising trends and strategies and discussed two hot topics in mobile advertising - audience engagement through video ads and how brands are adopting native advertising on mobile.

While the event dynamics were top quality, the one area where I would hope to see improvement in the future relates to audience interaction.

Unfortunately, the schedule was too packed with speakers and their presentations to allow the audience to ask questions of each speaker and there were only two “roundtable” discussions where questions came from the “audience”.

I know many of the speakers who gave presentations are open to answering questions, so I hope that in the future the MMA would find the balance between fewer speakers / more time for each speaker vs more speakers / less time for each. Your audience would love to interact with your speakers.

The MMA Forum is the best event on mobile in Vietnam and I look forward to attending both the forum and awards next year and highly recommend it as an event that should be on your future events calendar.

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