Arnaud Julienne - Marketing Director, STMicroelectronics

Spark China

Spark China is a full-day ideas conference that has featured industry leaders, non-profit pioneers and a selection of brilliant individuals around Greater China who have successfully found unique solutions to real problems.Spark China talks are designed to fascinate, inspire and ignite new pathways for their listeners.Powered by ClarkMorgan Corporate Training, Spark China brings 'unlike-minded' people together from the fields of humanity, environment, business, and science and all profits are given to China-based charities.


Host: Morry Morgan - Co-Founder, Spark China

The words 'innovation' and 'China' are rarely used together. Not anymore. Morry Morgan, co-founder of innovation conference, Spark China, showcases innovative individuals from across the Middle Kingdom who are helping change the perception of China to the world.