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Vietnam’s first professional “Go-kart” races will be held in May


Vietnam’s first professional go-kart race will take place in May and will be open to both amateurs and professionals. The faces will be under the umbrella of Formula Racing Vietnam (FRV) and will have two categories; the first for amateurs, who are 18-years or older and the second for professional racers.

Karting first begin in 1956, in Glendale, California, when Art Ingels, a fabricator at Kurtis Kraft, a builder of Indianapolis 500 race cars), created a small, tube-frame “kart” that was powered by a two-cycle lawnmower motor. Ingles showed off his “kart” in a local parking lot, which inspired his friends to build their own machines, and soon Ingels and friends were holding impromptu races in the Rose Bowl parking lot. Two years later, in 1958, the first kart-racing track was built in Azusa, California. In today’s world of professional Kart racing, custom made “SuperKarts” can cost $ 15,000 ~ $20,000 and can reach speeds of 160 miles per hour (260 km per hour). SuperKarts are built on a chassis longer than a sprint kart's and are typically propelled by a 250-cc 2-stroke motorcycle road-racing engine, or in some cases, a 450-500-cc 4-stroke.

Professional kart racing is commonly a stepping stone for young drivers that allow them to get race track experience and then move into to higher ranks of motorsports, with the biggest and most popular competition being Formula One.

Vietnam’s first races will be held from May 4 ~ 5. The participation fee for each team is $2,000 USD, and the vehicles will be limited to four-stroke 10-horsepower engines. After the first round races are completed in May, a second round of races will be held in September; a third round held in December; and the final (fourth) round will take place in March 2020.



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