Isabelle Ge Mahe is Apple China’s New Boss

Isabel Ge Mahe has been appointed is the new Managing Director & Vice President of Apple in Greater China. In her new role, she is expected to bring a new focus to Apple’s marketing and sales strategies in China, develop stronger relationships across the business spectrum, work with the R&D teams to develop new products specific to the China market and provide leadership and coordination to Apple’s China staff.

She will take on her new position, which was created amid Apple’s falling sales in China across all product lines and will report directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams. Cook said ...

“Apple is strongly committed to invest and grow in China, and we are thrilled that Isabel will be bringing her experience and leadership to our China team. She has dedicated a great deal of her time in recent years to delivering innovation for the benefit of Apple customers in China, and we look forward to making even greater contributions under her leadership.”


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Mahe is originally from Shenyang, Liaoning, China and received both her Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Simon Fraser University in Canada. She also has an MBA degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

She has been working at Apple since 2008 and is currently Apple’s vice president for wireless technologies. She has led the wireless teams for nine years and during this time has focused on the development of Bluetooth, cellular, location, NFC, motion and Wi-Fi technologies for almost every Apple product.

Isabel has also already been working in China with Apple’s R&D team and its carrier partners to develop new China-specific features for the iPhone and the iPad. These have included recently announced iOS 11 features for using a phone number as an Apple ID, SMS fraud prevention technologies and QR code support. Her appointment is a sign of continuity and builds upon her existing relationships with partners and her knowledge of the Greater China market is expected to stabilize Apple’s sales and revenue there.

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