Justin Tsang
Executive Director & Co-Founder, MyClick Media

MyClick Media's president, Justin Tsang, has developed a new photo matching technology that will introduce a new way to get the information you're looking for on your mobile phone without the hassle of search engines. The service is free and simple to use and has huge potential in China's ever-growing mobile market. Justin realizes that making his business successful in China requires providing information to the end-users through whatever medium they are most comfortable with...in this case, their mobile phones.

Justin Tsang is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of iMagic Systems Limited and President of China for MyClick Media Limited. Justin oversees all technical and product development, as well as being the chief architect and inventor of the mobile media platform, MyClick and related applications. Justin also leads MyClick's business expansion in China and provides strategic input to the overall corporate strategy.

As a graduate of Harvard University, Justin is a technopreneur who possesses a deep understanding of emerging technologies and the innovative and practical applications of these technologies to daily life. Justin identified the need for an advanced public communications solutions in 1995 and conceptualized the world's first commercially deployed multimedia 'web payphone', PowerPhoneTM.

In recent years, Justin has focused on expanding the utility of iMagic's platform with new mobile Internet applications. As a result of his leadership, MyClick Media Limited - www.myclick.cn was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of iMagic. MyClick was launched in Hong Kong in May 2006 as the first and only mobile media platform integrated with all six of Hong Kong's mobile operators. MyClick has been launched in China in September 2006.

Mr. Tsang is an opinion leader in his field. He has been interviewed many times by the print media as well as by prominent electronic media such as CNN, Cable TV and China's Phoenix TV. Mr. Tsang has also been a much sought after speaker in international, regional and local industry seminars and forums.


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