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Slowing Boat of China

Exchange rates, inflation and a changing labor force are all having a profound effect on China’s economy, leading to slowing growth rates, both in exports and in the country’s escalating GDP

Lili Zhou

Lili Zhou is the Sr. Director of Operations with Herbalife(China) Health Products Ltd. In this role, Zhou leads a team providing all aspects of supply chain, including procurement, planning,

Taras Wankewycz

Taras Wankewycz spoke at Spark 09 in Shanghai on the topic of “Future of carbon and can the world become carbon free?” In today’s interview, Taras offers his take on the subject and how coul

Sam Flemming

Considered a pioneer in China's Internet Word Of Mouth (IWOM) development, Sam Flemming has worked among the top Chinese Internet players in the field since 1996. In recent years, Flemming h

Jeremiah Lee

Jeremiah moved to Shanghai in 2004 to build a multidisciplinary Research and Development team from the ground up. Prior this, Jeremiah worked for over 10 years as a designer, researcher, and

Peggy Liu

This month on Creativity in China we interview Peggy Liu, Chairperson for the Joint US-China Cooperation on Clean Energy (JUCCCE). With an extensive history in non-profit leadership position

Joseph Chan

Mr. Chan is the CFO of Yi-Cha-Yi-Zuo at present. Prior to joining Yi-Cha-Yi-Zuo, Mr. Chan worked for the investment banking department at Grand Cathay Securities (HK) Company Limited and Bar

Kerry Shen

Kerry used to be a senior manager of the Audit and Business Advisory Division of Arthur Andersen. He has broad experience in asset reorganization, business process re-engineering, financial

Surfing China's Next Wave

Surfing China's Next Wave - Global Roundup with the Airport Economist: Businesses should look beyond China's coastal cities if they want to ride China's third wave of economic development.