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China Author Forum
China Author Forum

What’s the scoop on consumer trends in 2011? Let our advertising guru Tom Doctoroff fill you in. In part one, Tom discusses the major developments of 2011, including the ban on TV advertising during prime-time dramas, the reality behind the seeming explosion in online advertising, the massive success of Apple and Samsung, and the evolving automotive, cuisine and consumer sectors.

China Entrepreneurs
China Entrepreneurs

“I love food and I never let a concept go.” David Laris, one of the most well-known and prolific restaurateurs in Shanghai, joins us to talk about the dining in Shanghai and his fine dining concepts.

Politics & Economics
Politics & Economics

What kinds of tensions is Korean Peninsula facing right now? How to reduce the tensions? Is the cold war really over in Korean Peninsula?

Vietnam Business
Market Overview & Regional Segmentation

This episode focuses on market overview and regional segmentation of Vietnam with a veteran in the market research field.

Conferences – Videos

Asia Business Communications Conference 2012

The Asia Business Communications Association (ABCA) is committed to the development of business communications in Asia. It is a non-profit organization, aiming to build a platform for business communicators to share experiences, build networks and develop their careers.

business entrepreneurs
CEIBS First China Agri-Business Forum 2012

The CEIBS Agri-Business Forum 2012, the first of its kind, brought together a diverse set of stakeholders from across the agrifood sector to share insights and perspectives on the key issues facing China's agricultural sector today, including food safety, food security, management of natural resources...

Directions "Building a High-Performance Culture in China" Conference 2012

Presented by Directions Management Consulting and Performance IQ, the "Building a High-Performance Culture in China" Conference brought together a group of HR and training experts to discuss what goes in to making a corporate culture where employees give one-hundred percent...

Vietnam Business
iQubator - 2nd China eBusiness Entrepreneurship Conference

iQubator's second China eBusiness Entrepreneurship Conference brought together eBusiness and IT entrepreneurs, investors, academics, legal professionals and more for an intriguing discussion of the state of eBusiness in China today.

Management – TV Programs & Videos

China Careers
China Careers

In this interview, we have Caroline Sheldon from EF to tell us about EF and her role. She firstly tells us her working background in EF, then she introduces EF and the current circumstance of English training centers in China.

Driving Your Careers
Driving Your Career

Jean’s career philosophy is simple, but nuanced- getting ahead takes talent, hard work, and good timing. But there are more nuances to these qualities than one might see at first glance. Talent often only comes out when you have the right position or the right team. Hard work is a given, but helping others with their tasks is the real measure of a worker.

Executive Women
Executive Women

Yu Serizawa joins us today to talk about her career path and how these different career experience help and prepare her successfully running her own company later.

CEO Insights
CEO Insights Vietnam

CEO Insights features interviews with leading international business experts who live and work in Vietnam. Many of the guests who are interviewed for CEO Insights have lived in Vietnam for more than 15-years and provide unique insights into Vietnam business across management, human resources, marketing, sales and technology. New programs every month!

Marketing & Media – TV Programs & Videos

Advertising & Marketing in 
Advertising & Marketing in China

In this segment of iTV-Asia programs, we delve into the advertising and marketing scene in China. We see how key business leaders in this field approach the challenge of marketing and advertising in China and how they are keeping ahead of the game overall.

MAD Men of China
MAD Men of China

The program is designed to give the viewer a deeper understanding of Advertising trends, local insights in China and an opportunity to learn more about the people who make are the fabric of the Advertising industry in China. The program will feature people who are working to push the boundaries of the industry and are facing daily challenges living and working in a foreign country.

Interactive Japan
Interactive Japan

In this iTV-Japan segment, we enter the industry of interactive communications and marketing in Japan. The business leaders of this field are featured here, and they inform us on the concepts behind interactive media in the Japanese market. We see how innovations in web, mobile, online marketing, database and one-to-one communications will shape marketing and advertising in Japan.

Vietnam Business
The BUZZ - Marketing & Media in Vietnam

The Buzz focuses on the latest marketing and media news in Vietnam and includes interviews and roundtable discussions with leading communications experts across advertising, digital, marketing, market research and media. The Buzz explains where traditional media are going while also featuring new media in Vietnam’s evolving and fast changing market.